Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having troubles uploading my logos and pictures, what am I doing wrong?
Files should be in jpeg/ gif formats and not exceed 2MB and 1600 x 1600 pixels.
How do I upload my PowerProfile Badge to my website and where can I find the code?
You will need to implement the HTML code for the PowerProfiles Badge into the code of your website. You can find the code by logging into your PowerProfiles account, clicking on the My Account tab and clicking the Manage Profile tab located next to your company name. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the badge where you will see the PowerProfile Badge section (this is where the code for the badge is located).

Account / Profile

Where does my profile information come from?
Our listing information is licensed and purchased from third party companies that obtain business listings from public record databases.
Who sees my profile?
Millions of visitors a year visit PowerProfiles.com looking to find information about specific businesses or to find a specific kind of business.
How do I update my standard information?
Users with premium memberships or verified profiles may make electronic changes to their data by logging into their account. If you do not have a PowerProfiles’ account please do a search for your company in our database and follow the steps to claim your listing.
When will my changes be reflected in the PowerProfiles.com profile on my company?
Profile changes such as editing/ adding a description, photos or keywords can take up to 24 hours to reflect on our site.
Can I downgrade / upgrade my package at any given time?
Yes, you can make changes to your PowerProfile package at any time. If you have a paid package any charges incurred will be prorated from when you are normally billed to the date of cancellation. Please note, in order to cancel you will need to submit a written request to our customer service department at: support@PowerProfiles.com.
Why should I update my information and how often?
You should update your information as changes occur within your company because everyday thousands of businesses access PowerProfiles to get an objective, third party view of current and potential companies they may want to do business with.

Networking/Testimonials and other Enhancement Features

1. How do I request a testimonial?
From your Manage Profile screen, under the Testimonials section, there is a link to request a testimonial. In order to request testimonials it is necessary to know the email address of the recipient. When you receive a testimonial you will have the option of accepting or declining it. Only after a testimonial has been approved and accepted by you will it then appear on your public profile page.
2. How do I network with other users?
Networking with businesses on PowerProfiles is fast and easy. In order to get started, you would first locate the companies you have worked with using our search feature. You would then visit their PowerProfile page and select the "Add This Company" to your business network tab. All network requests will then be submitted to the requested recipient for approval. You can view all of your pending and approved business networks by clicking on the "View Network" tab located on the Manage Profile page.
3. Is there a limit as to how many companies you can network with?
The ability to expand a company's business network depends upon their specific profile level.
4. What is the significance of listing my Products, Services or Specialties?
These are the terms that will help identify and put your company at the forefront of search results pages when customers and business owners conduct keyword searches on PowerProfiles.com.
5. What is a PowerLink and what are its benefits?
A PowerLink is a feature that allows members with enhanced listings to add their company's listing to their competitor's PowerProfile page. To add a PowerLink, simply search for your competitors, visit their page and click on the "Add My PowerLink" link. If you would like to remove competitor information from your profile you can do so by upgrading your account.

Site Navigation

1. What are the various methods to search for a company on the site?
Basically users can search for companies several different ways, the most popular search feature is a keyword search. Other ways to search are by: category, location, company name, telephone number, etc.

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