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  • Freedom Debt Relief is considered the leader in debt resolution.

  • Freedom Financial Network / Freedom Debt Relief is one of the largest and most reputable debt resolution firms in the country. They have represented thousands of Americans to resolve credit card and unsecured debts- and Freedom Debt Relief has resolved over $1 Billion in debt for their clients, more than any other debt resolution firm in America.

    A typical program consists of one low monthly program payment and then negotiated settlements which can reduce debt principal, resolving debts in as few as 24-48 months.

    Freedom Financial Network is 525 employees strong and resolving over 5,000 accounts monthly and over $1 Billion in total client debt resolutions.

    Freedom has been certified by leading industry associations, including TASC, BDI, and IAPDA and works to maintain service levels of 5 second customer service hold time, 95% service rates, and same day response to online inquiries. Freedom is one of the few debt relief companies in the country that is proactively complying with the new FTC rule that limits ANY fees charged until after debts are successfully resolved.

    Freedom was founded in 2002 by Stanford Business School graduates Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh and since then has built a leading management team and a unique culture that has won "Best Places to Work" in Phoenix and San Francisco.

    Freedom approaches the business of consumer debt from the human perspective and represent the consumer exclusively (not the banks, IRS or other agendas) – to become the number one advocate helping clients re-establish solid financial footing as quickly as possible.
  • www.freedomdebtrelief.com
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