18359 HWY 58 N

Decatur, Tennessee 37322


(423) 334-1020

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This is the headquarters of the company.


Electric Power Distribution

VOLUNTEER ENERGY COOPERATIVE is a Electric Power Distribution company located in Decatur, Tennessee.


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  • vision & commitment to the community

  • With its corporate office in Decatur, Tennessee, VEC serves its members through nine customer service centers in Benton, Cleveland, Georgetown, Decatur, Spring City, Crossville, Monterey, Jamestown and Byrdstown. The nine offices are administered through the Cleveland, Decatur, Crossville and Jamestown service areas.

    The affairs of Volunteer Energy Cooperative are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 12 members representing the 17 counties served. The Board of Directors is responsible to the members for the policy making function of the Cooperative. It delegates authority to the President/CEO, who is responsible for the overall operation of the organization.

    The cooperative has six staff departments which are Executive, Accounting and Finance, Operations, System Planning and Engineering, Marketing and Economic Development, and Information Technology. The vice presidents of these departments form the Management Council which reviews the cooperative's day-to-day operations.

    The cooperative purchases electric power from the Tennessee Valley Authority at wholesale rates and distributes the electricity to consumers. Volunteer Energy is a non-profit organization and is pledged to bring electricity to the member-consumers at the lowest possible rate. Out of every dollar that VEC collects, more than 80 cents goes directly to TVA to purchase power.

    In 1994, the Rural Electrification Administration, under government reorganization, became the Rural Utilities Service with additional responsibilities to provide more utility services to rural customers, including water, sewer, telecommunications, and natural gas.

    VEC continues to develop strategies to maintain strength in the years ahead. New substations have recently been completed in Bradley, Hamilton, Cumberland, and Polk counties. An aggressive in-house economic development plan not only assists in attracting new organizations to VEC's service area but also ensures that existing businesses remain productive and profitable.

    The formation of the organization in 1935 brought affordable electricity to those who would have been otherwise unserved. Today, VEC continues to provide needed services with subsidiary ventures into VEC (Volunteer Energy Propane) and natural gas (Volunteer Energy Natural Gas) which hold to the Cooperative's core value system of affordable service and reliability.

    Increasing use of technology will allow VEC to remain competitive in the years ahead. Real-time communications with substations via the SCADA system allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting. Automated meter reading is being implemented throughout VEC's service area. Internal computer upgrades will guarantee continual customer service improvement and paved the way for additional features such as electronic bill presentation and payment.

    In 2001, VEC launched VECustomers Share, a program that awards grants to community organizations in its service area. The impact has been huge, with over $3.2 million already awarded. Funds come from VEC customers who agree to have their bills rounded up to the nearest dollar to help their neighbors.

    In its 75 years of operation, Volunteer Energy Cooperative has grown and prospered; bringing prosperity to the region it serves. Change is inevitable; however VEC has not lost sight of the reason for its existence - the members it serves.
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