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Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local

FRANK THOMPSON TRANSPORT, INC. is a Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local company located in El Dorado, Arkansas.


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  • 50 Years And Still Trucking!

  • Frank Thompson Transport was started by Frank Thompson in 1957. FTT hauled crude oil for Lion Oil Company as a contract carrier from locations in AR, LA, and TX. Mr. Thompson moved an old cotton shed onto the land where he was parking the trucks and started using it as an office. Today that same building is still in use on the property as an oil shed.

    Back then Wheeling Pipeline had their own fleet of trucks and trailers they hauled asphalt with out of Lion Oil in El Dorado AR. In 1969 Wheeling Pipeline experienced a labor strike effectively closing down local asphalt deliveries. Wheeling needed a carrier to haul their asphalt so they sold their asphalt trailers to Frank Thompson to allow them to service local asphalt customers and allow Wheeling Pipeline to avoid damages for non delivery of asphalt. This effectively put FTT in the asphalt hauling business.

    After that Mr. Thompson needed winter time work to keep his asphalt drivers busy through the winter so he applied for and received his own operating authority and began hauling gasoline and diesel putting them in the refined fuels business.

    Mr. Thompson died in 1981 and the company was taken over and ran by his widow and son. Industry deregulation occurred in 1987 and soon after the crude oil business declined and in 1995 Frank Thompson’s son decided to sell the company. Reid Woodward had worked for FTT as a manager some years back and was familiar with the business. Reid’s long time friend Mike Sewell called Reid and ask if he was interested in partnering with him to purchase the company; ultimately they did.

    Business was difficult until 1996 when an opportunity arose; FTT purchased 2 used trailers, 2 new trailers and 5 new trucks and began hauling loads of asphalt to Dangerfield TX. After that more business started to present itself in the asphalt and lube oil markets and the company continued to grow. In 1998 Tommy Choate was added to the executive ownership team in charge of maintenance operations. In 2000 Reid Woodward stepped down from the executive ownership team and Nancy Woodward assumed those responsibilities and the role of President of Frank Thompson Transport. In 2002 FTT expanded into the Oklahoma market by purchasing a terminal in Muskogee OK where we began hauling asphalt.

    Today FTT is owned and lead by Nancy Woodward, Mike Sewell and Tommy Choate. They operate over 85 power units hauling crude oil, asphalt, lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel as well as chemicals. Frank Thompson Transport is very much a family oriented operation where we have concentrated on people and equipment not buildings and properties. Anyone can purchase trucks and trailers; it’s the people and their efforts that make the difference at FTT. With an expanding customer base we continue to see growth each year as a regional tank truck carrier.
  • www.frankthompsontransport.com
  • Petroleum Haulage, Petroleum Sale
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