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Engineering Services

TECH KING OPERATIONS, INC is a Engineering Services company located in Mason, Ohio.


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  • High Performance Operational Software and Control Systems

  • Mission:
    The mission of Tech King Operations is to provide easy to use, trouble free automation for equipment providers, integrators and end users.

    Our focus is to enable companies who have limited, or no conveyor controls resources to be more competitive by utilizing our experience in automated manufacturing and high speed conveyor control distribution. Tech King Operations will also focus on modular design concepts to allow our systems and control products to be implemented quickly and provide straight forward support. For companies who have their own conveyor controls capability, we are ready to assist whenever the project load exceeds capacity.

    We work with our clients to give them the best solutions by offering:

    PC Based Controller Systems
    PLC Based Controller Systems
    Warehouse Control Systems
    Tech King Operations utilizes its standard products and methods while remaining flexible to customize its designs to the specific client needs. Our Engineering Services Group designs and implements complete control systems, stand alone subsystems and retrofits to existing systems to fit our clients changing demands. The same modular design methodology is applied regardless of the system content.

    Flexibility is our greatest asset. We can supply complete control systems and assist in development of equipment controls, diagnostic and information handling products to meet your operational needs. Tech King's capabilities include:

    System concept and review
    AutoCAD electrical and controls software design
    Complete project implementation
    Onsite training and testing
    System audits and reviews
    We provide start to finish solutions to your project needs and ongoing training and support once the project is complete. Our background and experience help to build relationships with you to allow us to accomplish your projects within your budget and on your schedule.

    Company History
    Tech King Operations is a Cincinnati based company dedicated to providing technical solutions for automated equipment control and information handling. This is accomplished through leading edge Controls products, engineering services and consulting services. TKO's goal is to build modular Controls products. These products can be provided for customers to implement directly under limited licensing agreements or integrated with complete PC - based and PLC control systems engineered by TKO.

    Customer service capabilities include site support, training, upgrade, and maintenance agreements for both products and systems. Internet communications allow customers to receive online support, order equipment and download software upgrades.

    In the current market, only a few companies are providing PC - based real time equipment control and information systems. Of these companies, most are restricted to serve their corporate families rather than the open market. TKO products are available to the market through licensing agreements. This is a fresh idea in the industry. It will allow TKO customers to compete against major corporations on large technically challenging systems. By following a philosophy of continuing re-investment in new product development TKO will outpace its competition with technical innovation.
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