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VELOCITY BIOGROUP CORPORATION is a company located in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

  • Velocity BioGroup is an accomplished team of pharma executives with high level relationships in the political, government, commercial payer, media, health plan & patient advocacy sectors. Our team will translate experience and marketplace knowledge into a development and pre-launch strategy plan that gets customers on board with your assets as they are developed to optimize marketplace acceptance post approval.

    The toughest issues facing the biopharmaceutical industry today include
    1. Receiving FDA approvals
    2. Maintaining reliable capital for development and
    3. Demonstrating successful commercialization plans to prospective partners.

    Companies must begin in the early stages of development to shape their assets for the marketplace by creating a benefit profile that reflects the needs of today’s new decision makers and purchasers.

    What We Provide:


    Determination of internal
    versus external resources for strategy development in evolving multi-stakeholder markets.

    Integrated clinical, outcomes, commercial, regulatory, reimbursement and policy strategies to enhance the value of your asset.


    Connections to a network of critical decision makers who can advise you on the best possible asset positioning in their market segments.


    Examination of market potential and challenges in the context of payer, patient, health plan and government needs.


    Staff training for building necessary in-house understanding and competency.

    Aligned to create expertise in federal and state payers, think tanks, advocacy communities, government market planning, and procurement planning.

    Velocity BioGroup will leverage a distinctive combination of industry expertise and relationships in all segments of the commercial and government payer world, media,
    public relations and the
  • www.velocitybiogroup.com
  • Healthcare Strategies, Pharmaceuticals development, Pharmaceutical strategy consulting, New Drug development, Development Strategies
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