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Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers

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EGNATIA LIMITED is a Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers company located in San Diego, California.

  • Egnatia Limited

  • Egnatia Limited is a property investment and management company. The company invests in real estate, including offices, land and residential blocks.

    The company's portfolio also consists of a small percentage of leisure and single family residential properties.

    Egnatia Limited Management. The company manages both commercial and residential property in California, Hawaii, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, and has future expansion plans in the states of Nevada, Florida USA and British Colombia Canada.

    Egnatia Limited is further involved in representing buyers and sellers of property throughout the regions where it is presently established along with affiliates in Dubai UAE. Hawaii, USA, Greece and Britain. Egnatia Limited offers financing through its affiliate companies.

    Egnatia Limited Land and Commercial Real Estate activities include the management of office space and agricultural activities.

    We currently have operations in California, Hawaii, Greece and the United Kingdom.

    Egnatia Energy Limited

    Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights Leasing

    Our company facilitates and manages the acquisition and promotion of mineral rights leases in the Western United States. Egnatia Energy Limited has a broad knowledge of the industry and has vast experience in the field.

    Our company also provides sales opportunities of existing leases contracts and royalty accounting services.

    Listing Your Mineral Rights For Leasing:

    We charge 5% of the total amount of the bonus, at lease signing. We ask you to sign a Listing Agreement.
    Selling Your Mineral Rights

    We usually don't recommend selling your mineral interest in a piece of property, but under some circumstances it might be your best option.

    We charge 5% of the total sales amount, at the time of closing. We ask you to sign a Listing Agreement. Our goal is to help you recoup more than our charge in increased sales price.


    We Provide you with a property analysis (once a serious buyer has expressed interest in your listing).
    Mineral Rights Education: we strive to ensure that you are well-versed in the lease process and oil & gas terminology.
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