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Engineering Services

ENERGY CONCEPTS is a Engineering Services company located in Rochester, New York.


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  • The Power Of Good

  • When we founded Energy Concepts in October 1999 we did it with the recognition that the old model of providing professional engineering services to our clients and the community was considerably outdated and inadequate. Engineers had to be more innovative, better leaders and much more active in shaping the future and application of technology. Our relationships with our clients had to be more candid, interactive and bound by trust and understanding.

    Very importantly, that same philosophy had to be extended to the employees and partners of Energy Concepts. Otherwise we could not expect to see our clients treated the same way.
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    We had to be fleet, adaptable, innovative and willing to operate aggressively in arenas not comfortable to many in our profession. Thus, our quickly developed and highly advanced capability in on-site power and cogeneration, and our daring foray into the world of utility regulation, politics and government policy. Our mission could only be accomplished by breaking out of the old mold and fighting the battle where and when necessary. It worked. By defining our firm along these lines we were able to accomplish something few firms could claim privilege to. We not only have advanced technology in the on-site power and energy conservation industry, but we helped create the on-site power industry by our efforts (combined with other coalition members) to remove regulatory and utility barriers. Our time and sacrifice invested in the regulatory, administrative law and political arena were a large factor in making it possible.

    At Energy Concepts we are a seasoned team bound by trust, mutual respect and a mission of simply providing for our clients the best benefits and miracles of modern technology. These consist of traditional MEP designs with a new twist as well as energy conservation and alternative energy projects. We truly believe the statement by Winston Churchill engraved on the front of our website.

    The world today is in greater need than ever of such leadership. The technologies we bring to our clients directly address the pressing crisis of our times: Energy shortages and energy independence, the environment, economic need, and the ability for us to benefit properly from new technology.

    Cogeneration unit being placed at the Greater Rochester International airport in 2002. Two such units meet 80% of the power and heating needs for the airport. The airport also had power during the great blackout of 2003.

    Energy Concepts provided full MEP services for the St. Joseph Hospital Emergency Department (Buffalo, NY) , a state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot, addition. The addition includes treatment, triage, isolation, orthopedic and resuscitation rooms. The addition won the 1st Place AIA Award for new additions under 25,000 square feet for the year 2005.
    Our clients are the greatest benefactors of these efforts, whether it is savings from on-site power, benefits from LEED certification of the fulfillment of having innovative MEP designs completed with success.

    Today our design services extend across many client types and project applications. The basic design philosophies we embrace can
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