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This is the headquarters of the company.


Office Administrative Services

MERITAIN HEALTH, INC. is a Office Administrative Services company located in Amherst, New York.


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  • Mission, Vision and Philosophy

    Our Vision
    Meritain Health will be the nation's premier manager of self-funded health benefit plans, known for our unwavering focus on improving member health and wellness as the only avenue to long-term cost control.

    Our Mission
    In today's environment of soaring healthcare costs and the prevalence of controllable health conditions, Meritain Health is committed to meeting employers' need for long-term cost control. We achieve this by helping employers to implement programs improving member health and wellbeing; detect, treat and reduce chronic disease; and provide the education and tools members need to become healthcare consumers who base treatment decisions on quality and cost.

    Our Values
    Meritain Health employees strive to possess the following qualities to meet the needs of clients, members, fellow employees and shareholders:

    Positive Attitude - Choose to engage and inspire others with your positive energy.
    Clarity of Purpose - Recognize the opportunity and apply yourself completely.
    Work Smart - Apply the right combination of analysis and instinct.
    Pure Confidence - Through great preparation and relentless determination.
    Our Commitment to Diversity
    Meritain Health appreciates the value of the unique outlook, knowledge and life experiences that every individual brings to our organization. It is only through this diversity that we can successfully meet the challenges facing our company and fulfill the needs of our clients. For this reason, Meritain Health is committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting employees without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age.

    Our History and Future
    Meritain Health was formed through the integration of several outstanding businesses, each with a different legacy and diverse strengths. We have a common vision for the future of healthcare which we will advance together. As Meritain Health--a single, unified brand to reflect our vision--we are committed to providing our clients the tools and services necessary to keep health benefits costs affordable for the long term.

    The name Meritain has origin in two words that are both key attributes of our company: merit and attain. These words symbolize our company's goal of not only delivering cost competitive plans with uncompromising personal service and flexibility, but also of helping clients reduce the long-term costs of their health benefits plans.
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  • www.meritain.com
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