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All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

EMPAX INC is a All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services company located in New York, New York.


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  • We are a pioneering graphic design house devoted exclusively to helping nonprofit organizations meet their marketing and communication challenges in a unique and effective way.

    We understand that a good cause isn’t enough to attract the attention and funding necessary to effect desired change. Strong messages need a strong brand. So, we’ve developed an expertise in providing the best branding and design techniques to the people and organizations who need them most: The Good Guys. We offer a complete array of branding services; from logos, stationery and print publications to information design, web design, video and animation.

    Nonprofits and socially responsible corporations are no exception to the rules of the consumer marketplace. Attention to images, as well as content, is how an organization can know its constituents, donors, the public and the media are paying attention. Empax is uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the importance of packaging their message effectively. Empax executes reaction-provoking design to meet any challenge.
  • www.empax.org
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