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Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

HENDRY CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, INC. is a Commercial and Institutional Building Construction company located in Somerville, New Jersey.


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  • Service Quality Reliability

  • Hendry Construction Services, Inc. has been in business for over 35 Years. We provide a wide range of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional services for clients in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Research Industries, as well as for Hospitals, Office Buildings and Warehouses.

    Our Services include General Exterior and Interior Construction, Renovation, Excavating, Demolition and Debris Removal, and Office Remodeling and Relocation. We specialize in building Clean Rooms, Operating and Radiology Rooms, and performing major construction and renovation to occupied buildings while maintaining clean and dust-free conditions for your employees and ours.
    Our goal is to provide every customer with the highest quality service, workmanship, materials, dedicated and skilled employees with continuous safety training skills, honesty, professionalism and integrity.

    We have been committed to quality, service, competitive costing, longtime customer relationships, on-schedule or before timeline completions, and above all, to continually strive to serve our customer’s needs to whatever capacity that it may be. This has been our way of doing business since 1974.

    About 90% of our work is done in occupied buildings and we are very aware of safety, cleanliness, offensive odors, noise, etc. During our project for you, our representive is in constant communication with your contact person and staff, to eliminate shutdowns and your employee complaints and concerns 24 hours a day.


    35 Years Experience
    Specializing in Occupied Space Construction and Renovation
    We provide Professional, High Quality Services
    A Proven Track Record of bringing jobs in On Time or Ahead of Schedule
  • www.hendryconstructionservices.com
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Operating / Radiology Rooms

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