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Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

PYXIS SOLUTIONS, LLC is a Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services company located in New York, New York.


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  • Founded in 2000, Pyxis Solutions has been built on providing a suite of QA services to our clients. We specialize in providing successful quality assurance testing solutions. Our organization's success has always and will continue to be derived from a tradition of on-time delivery, high quality, reliability and professionalism that has been a key and integral part of our business model since our inception. Our team of consultants are comprised of talented individuals, many who have held senior consulting positions in Fortune 500 corporations in the tri-state-area. Some names associated with our team are Merrill Lynch, Instinet, Prudential Insurance Company, SIAC, AIG, Banker's Trust, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank.

    Our solutions

    Our dynamic software testing methodology is especially created to support all types of systems development efforts and is adaptable across various combinations of technologies, platforms, and networks. Our work has been utilized and implemented worldwide on behalf of our international clients with global needs. In order to cater to our global community of clients, our office is located in central location in the United States, providing around-the-clock, Technology Solutions.

    Aligning business and IT strategies, through the practical application of proven methodologies across system platforms, has set us apart as leaders in the rapidly expanding market of QA solution providers. We lead the pace with a vast array of technological developments through the continual efforts and dedication of our resources. Our advanced engineering skills and experience in performing within time and budget constraints has enabled organizations to accelerate time to market developments while substantially diminishing cost and dramatically preserving quality. As a result of our Quality Management Practices based upon CMM, we offer distinctive benefits resulting from seamless coordination across strategy, implementation, and management of technology.

    Our clients, our core

    With a retention rate of 100%, Pyxis solutions know the focus of any business is the customer. We create customized and specialized solutions for today's QA needs. Our clients know and understand that choosing Pyxis is the most effective method of achieving a solution to their QA issues. Our clients, satisfied with our on-time delivery and our integrity remain with us for future QA projects and necessary implementations that Pyxis can successfully integrate quickly and effectively. Pyxis Solutions has inherent within its business acumen the resource capacity and intellectual capital necessary to assist clients in overcoming and excelling beyond its operations and technology challenges.

    Merrill Lynch
    Banker's Trust
    Deutsche Bank
    TD Waterhouse
    Chase Manhattan Bank
    Prudential Insurance Company
    Kraft Food - Nabisco
    Double Click
    Benefits to Clients:

    Pyxis's commitment to its clients is to protect the brand, deliver on all expectations, meet/exceed agreed upon SLAs, and to proactively offer operational enahancement and cost-saving solutions utilizing gained expertise and cutting-edge technology:
  • www.pyxisolutions.com
  • Software Quality Assurance, IT Solutions, Software Quality
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