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Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance

PROFICIENT AUTO TRANSPORT is a Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance company located in Jacksonville, Florida.


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  • Delivering the World's Finest Cars

  • Proficient Auto Transport is one of the nations premier automobile auto transport carriers dedicated to the highest standard of quality transportation in the market place with special emphasis on new import automobiles and with a passion for the pursuit of perfection. Proficient Auto Transport is a common and contract auto transport carrier as well as a licensed broker dedicated to the highest standard of quality transportation. The company also derives revenue from the transport of specialty vehicles; e.g. prototype cars, auto industry show special events, and privately owned vehicles.

    Customers of the company are essentially leading foreign-owned premier automobile manufacturers, including among others; Porsche Cars North America, Mercedes-Benz USA, Volvo, VW, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus, and Nissan GTR.

    In addition to new luxury and prestige automobiles, the company also handles auto industry special events, such as the Rolling Stones Tour Cars, MTV Music Awards, Masters Golf Tournament, as well as traditional auto shows and private owned vehicles.

    Proficient Auto Transport prides itself on its well earned and deserved image and reputation as one of the nations finest automobile transporters utilizing the most modern state-of-the-art equipment (average age of equipment is less than 5 years old), and every company owned truck has two way satellite tracking and communications which are connected to our state-of-the-art industry leading TMW integrated software systems.

    The company which originally started in 1993 has grown at a controlled but aggressive pace. Not only is the company solid financially, but it has also positioned itself very favorably with its financial institutional partners to expand and grow at a rapid pace when that need occurs.

    When a customer is choosing a car transporter, the primary considerations are dependability, availability, claims history, cost, insurance coverage, and vehicle/driver appearance/image. This is why Proficient was selected by Maserati and Aston Martin in the Southeast, and is often the carrier of choice by BMW and Mercedes Benz to handle their show cars and special moves, and one of only a few auto transport companies in the United States that have been approved by Mercedes Benz to carry their top-of-the-line $500,000 Maybach and McLaren SLR automobiles, as well as the exclusive auto transport carrier for Porsche North America in the State of Florida and Carolinas.

    The Company prides itself on its excellent reputation for always meeting its commitments especially in regards to claims free on-time pickup and delivery. When you absolutely have to have it where you want it and in the same condition you shipped it, Proficient is the company most premier auto manufacturers call first. Its the Federal Express of the Auto Transport Industry.

    The Company has well-trained, professional and conscientious driver/operators. Although driver turnover in the industry is high, Proficient has done an outstanding job at driver retention. Average driver experience in handling automobiles exclusively is in excess of 10 years with most drivers who have driven over 1,000,000 accident free miles. Several of our
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