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Computer Facilities Management Services

BUSINESS &TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION INC is a Computer Facilities Management Services company located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Business & Technology Integration is the goal....

  • The B&TI of Puerto Rico mission is to provide the best solutions for Companies that use IBM data management Information System and Networks so they can increase the quality of their operations. But we don't stop there. Our team also will take advantage of its years of experience to assist large and small businesses to install and maintain databases, networks, websites and information systems to help them better serve the needs of their customers.
    B&TI of Puerto Rico is an aggressive provider of expert IBM data management Consultant Services that offers unparalleled quality. We value integrity, honesty, creativity and respect our relationships with each other, our customers, and the world at large.
    The B&TI of Puerto Rico team helps their clients accomplish their goals by investing the appropriate tools and resources to the project. This result in achieving the goals of the project regardless of the challenges involved.
    The B&TI of Puerto Rico team has successfully identified problems by designing technical solutions considering statistics, administration, accounting, finances, insurance, billing, telephony and other business necessities. This is accomplished by taking into account the best technology available in the market.

    The B&TI of Puerto Rico vision is one of connectivity and cooperation. In any project, partnership and teamwork are essential to its success. We are IBM data management, Information System and Networking Consulting service providers. Our IBM data management clients understand that managing their primary business must not be neglected while their database, network, website or information systems are being managed or deployed. That is why they turn to us to handle all the technical details and make sure things stay on track.
    B&TI of Puerto Rico provides management and resources for any or all tasks involved in any project. Realization of the vision contributes to achieving our goal and accomplishing our mission. Namely, increased quality, cost containment and complete information system and network solutions that help our clients better serve the needs of their customers.

    Feel Free to contact Business & Technology Integration (BTI) at:

    BTI of Puerto Rico
    Phone: 787-644-0350
    Mobile: 787-475-6483
    Address: #1252 FD Roosevelt Ave. Ste. 502 • San Juan, PR 00920
  • www.btipr.com
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